Tips for Silage making

Good silage making can really make a difference to overall farm efficiency and profitability. Poor quality silage can cause many problems and diseases on farm.

  • Time of day

Sugar only develops in the plant when there is sun. Don’t cut immediately after a dark and/or wet and rainy period. A few days of sun is necessary to have enough sugar. Cut the grass in the morning when the plant is dry.

  • Limit losses in the field

Turn the grass once to open the row. Aim to have all the grass in the pit within 2 days of cutting.

  • Dry matter

Start in time bringing in the crop. Aim for a dry matter for young grass between 40 and 50%, older grass between 30 and 40%.

  • Compress well

Compress in layers of 15cm maximum. Don’t do more then 4 hectare/h. This can prevent air pockets and can help keep silage quality.

  • Additives

There are lots of additives like molasses, bacteria and acids are on the market. They work in different ways and have pros and cons. They are used to help enhance silage quality and also as an "insurance policy" to help keep silage good.



The Biomin® BioStabil product line is a formulation of selected lactic acid bacteria for silage inoculation. These bacteria produce the metabolites lactic acid and acetic acid in a balanced ratio for an improved fermentation process and longer aerobic stability.

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