Iomlán Animal Science, for Animal health & nutrition

We work with Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Pig and Poultry farmers throughout Ireland & Europe.

We design specific farm programmes and protocols for all of the above livestock groups. e.g

  • Dry cow diets
  • Lactating cow diets
  • Hygiene protocols
  • Calf to beef programmes
  • Ewe & lamb nutrition
  • Finishing cattle diets
  • Farm health plans 

The Iomlán Animal Science product range is unique and only provides top quality solutions from the best production systems from around the world.

  • Iomlán Animal Science is committed to a proactive approach to animal health problems in professional farming.
  • We do this with science-based products and concepts for the feed industry, veterinarians and farmers.
  • We also support our customers with knowledge and advice for creating a healthy and profitable farm.
  • This synergistic approach tends to reduce the use of antibiotics and gives better returns.