Seledine Vit


Seledine Vit Recommended for calves.

Sélédine Vit provides an additional supply of trace elements and vitamins in calves. The syringe contains selenium, iodine, Vit E and extracts of grapes and melons. These trace elements and vitamins are natural antioxidants. 

Selenium is an indispensable element for the synthesis of glutathione peroxydase, the most important antioxidant in the body. Iodine is essential for the functioning of the thyroid hormones which in turn are responsible for controlling the overall metabolism of the calves. 

Vitamin E has important anti-oxidative properties. The effect of Vitamin E is complementary to that of selenium. Together they ensure reduced cell degeneration and enhanced immunity.

Use this tube with calves born from mothers who already had a shortage or with lifeless calves who start poorly. 
COMPOSITION Sélédine Vit: 

Selenium, Seleno-methionine, Jew, Vitamin E, Extracts of grape seeds and extracts of melon seeds.

  • 1 syringe per calf
  • Available in a box of 20 
  • Available through your local Vet/store.
  • Contact Iomlán Animal Science for more info, 094 95 44708


  • 1 syringe per calf 
  • Box of 20 syringes of 15 ml