Levabon Rumen E


Levabon® Rumen E is a spray-dried, autolyzed yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) product, produced by an internal process technology for standardized autolytic degradation of the yeast cell. This yeast product is rich in bioactive ingredients and nutrients such as nucleotides, essential amino acids, peptides, cell wall carbohydrates and B vitamins.

The product promotes the growth of fibre digesting bacteria. The inherent prebiotic cell-wall polysaccharides (mannan and glucan) and peptides serve as a source of nutrients for beneficial gut microbes and supplies yeast cell-wall components which adhere to deleterious bacteria

What are the main benefits?

Improves milk and meat production
Improves feed efficiency and organic matter digestibility
Creates a better rumen environment


To be used in dairy cows during the lactation and close-up period.
Also suitable for calves and beef cattle.

Can be applied in a TMR or in pelleted feed.



Levabon Rumen E trials

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