IOMLÁN Pre-breeding drench


Formulated using state of the art mineral & vitamin technology

IOMLÁN Pre-breeding drench  is a complex suspension of chelated trace elements, vitamin and amino acid formulated to meet the specific requirements of the sheep flock, maintaining flock health, fertility and productivity.

IOMLÁN Sheep Pre-Breeding, is primarily administered to breeding ewes and rams pre-breeding.

  • Stronger heats.
  • Increased conception rates.
  • Increased lambing percentages.
  • Tighter lambing patterns.
  • Less barrens.
  • Less embryonic losses and abortions.
  • More even sized twins.
  • Rams – improved sperm quality.
  • Improved body condition.


  • Enhances levels of Zinc and Biotin. (Improves hoof structure and strength) Zinc also helps uterus pH and successful conception.
  • High Selenium and vitamin E. (Helps improve fertility in ewes and semen quality and vigour in rams)
  • Optimum levels of Iodine and Copper.
  • Enhanced levels of Manganese ( Helps with the development of reproductive organs and improves conception rates.
  • High levels of Cobalt and Vitamin B12, B6 and B1.
  • Chelated trace elements & vitamins.


  • Ewes  - 20ml 4 weeks prior to tupping.
  • Rams - 30ml 8 weeks prior to tupping.
  • Available in 1L and 2.5L.