Optimise Beef drench


Formulated using state of the art mineral & vitamin technology

Optimise beef drench is a complex blend of chelated trace elements, vitamin and amino acids, specifically formulated to meet the requirements of cows. It is formulated to provide cows with the optimum balance of micro-nutrients to help balance nutritional deficiencies.

To maximise the impact of trace element and vitamin supplementation it is important to intervene in advance of key stages of the production cycle.

  • Improved immunity/health.
  • Improved fertility.
  • Increased feed conversion efficiency and production.
  • Reduced incidence of digestive upsets or scours.
  • Outstanding coat condition or bloom.
  • Correct body condition score.
  • Reduced calf mortality.
  • Greater resistance to parasite infection.
  • Increased feed conversion efficiency and daily live weight gain.
  • Reduced incidence of digestive upsets or scours.


  • Enhanced levels of Zinc and Biotin. (Improves hoof structure and strength and help skin conditions)
  • High Selenium and vitamin E. (Boosts the immune system for disease resistance)
  • Optimum levels of Iodine and Copper. (Helps with fertility and growth rates)
  • Free flowing and palatable.
  • High levels of Cobalt and Vitamin B12, B6 and B1.
  • Chelated trace elements & vitamins.



  • Suckler cows: 100ml 4-8 weeks pre-calving or 4 weeks post calving.
  • Calves 3 months plus: 45ml.
  • Yearlings at housing and turnout: 60ml.
  • Finishing cattle: 60-80ml 2-3 months pre-slaughter.
  • Bulling heifer: 80ml.
  • Stock bulls: 100ml at 3 month intervals.
  • Available in 1L and 2.5L. 


Dermot Mullaney (Balla Co. Mayo) Testimonial

Dermot Mullaney farms a suckler cow enterprise in Balla Co. Mayo. Mostly calves are sold as weanlings and some replacements kept for the herd. Dermot breeds mainly Limousin, Belgium Blue crosses with some other continentals used from time to time to suit cows. Dermot is a regular at all the major fatstock shows and sales picking up many prizes along the way including Champion breeding heifer at the National Livestock show in Tullamore in 2016. Dermot regularly attends the Carrick winter fair where he sells some of his best show cattle.


Dermot has worked closely with Iomlán Animal Science over the past number of years. It was identified that there were trace element deficiencies on farm and in order to combat this to help production and cow fertility, a plan was drawn up to combat this. The cows get 2 Iomlán Beef capsules after calving to help cows go back in calf.  Dermot works also as an A.I. technician and realises the importance of getting cows back in calf and cows producing a calf per year. Dermot said “ I find the capsules great, the capsules are serious for getting the cows back in calf” Cows are healthy and have good shiny coats on them”.

Youngstock on any suckler farm are important and the health of these is critical to ensure performance. To optimise the performance of his weanlings Dermot uses Optimise Beef drench from Iomlán Animal Science. “All the weanlings get Optimise several times a year to keep mineral and vitamin levels right”. With Optimise beef drench I can see it working well and has done so for the past few years. Weanlings are healthier, the coats are shiny with great hair on the weanlings and they are thriving very well”. For showing cattle good hair is important and Optimise gives me that” It’s a sign they are healthy too”