Premium Sheep minerals The development of the rumen, a good growth and feed rate and muscle development are very important in growing ruminants.The right vitamins and minerals are needed to support this. This formulation helps with proper fertility, supports the growing fetus and ensures excellent quality colostrum. 

From our experience and forage testing (Grass & Silage) results from all over Ireland the provision of minerals and vitamins is largely insufficient to meet the needs of sheep. Feeding both lambs, rams and ewes with a supplement is therefore more than necessary. The constant pressure on the immune system, the large daily growth and the enormous mass of muscles provide a great need for minerals and vitamins.

Vitamins and minerals act as enzymes, coenzymes and antioxidants and are an important part of all physiological and pathophysiological processes that occur in the animal. Below are some important benefits of a good vitamin and mineral status:

Below are some important benefits of a good vitamin and mineral status:


  • Better immunity
  • Better meat quality (storage, tenderness, colour)
  • Better average daily gain
  • Better resistance to stressful situations
  • Supports the treatment and cure of skin diseases
  • Better skin condition
  • Fitter and livelier lambs at birth
  • Better colostrum quality and better absorption by lambs
  • Reduced retained cleanings

A healthy animal performs better on all levels and this increases profits!

Comes in 25kg bags

Contains optimum levels of Copper, Cobalt, Selenium, Iodine, Zinc, Manganese etc. in chelated form

Contains Biotin for hoof and skin health, Vitamin E, A, D, B vitamins including B12.


  • 20g/head/day for hill type ewes
  • 25g/head/day for Lowland/Pedigree ewes and rams
  • 10-15g/head/day for lambs


  • Ideally fed  starting 5-6 weeks pre-lambing mixed through or topped dressed on the meal

Feeding breeding rams

  • Fed at least 7 weeks before the breeding season to help boost ram fertility
  • Fed to rams after tipping time to help recover over the winter

Flushing ewes

  • Fed 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after flushing to donor ewes and to recipient ewes


  • Can be fed to lambs once they start eating meal

NOTE: Does NOT contain copper