Obitarie is a trace element & vitamin bolus for dry cows
It is composed of selenium, iodine, copper, zinc and manganese. It is ideal for all dairy/suckler cows when drying off to supply trace elements throughout the dry period. To help the cows recover from lactation and also to help them prepare for the subsequent calving and lactation.

  • 1 bolus per cow
  • Available in a box of 20 or 50 bolus
  • Steady release of trace elements over 109 days
  • Available through your local Vet/store.
  • Contact Iomlán Animal Science for more info, 094 95 44708


  • One bolus at the beginning of the dry period
  • Enhances levels of Zinc. (Improves hoof structure and strength)
  • High Selenium. (Boosts lamb immune system for disease resistance)
  • Optimum levels of Iodine and Copper.  
  • High levels of Vitamin A & E.
  • Especially recommended for heifers and dry cows
  • Cows supplemented in the dry period give birth to strong and healthy calves