Obiflore is a bolus for cattle used for the treatment and the prevention of ruminal acidosis

  • Obiflore, especially for high performance cows, is a bolus composed of probiotics, sulfur, zinc and yeasts. This bolus is used to overcome the risk of digestive disturbances, particularly acidosis.

    Saccharomyces Cerevisae ensures the rumen balance of cows. The probiotic also reinforces the anaerobic state of the rumen by capturing oxygen.

    Sulfur in the rumen favours microbial synthesis and cellulose degradation, thereby enhancing the rumen’s ability to withstand a change in pH.

    Contains: Cobalt, manganese, and zinc are trace elements involved in ruminal balance. Saccharomyces Cerevisae, brewing yeasts, Macleaya Cordata, Magnesium oxide.

  • 1 bolus per cow
  • Available in a box of 20 or 50 bolus
  • Available through your local Vet/store.
  • Contact Iomlán Animal Science for more info, 094 95 44708


  •  1 bolus 10 days before calving
  • Acidosis prevention: 1 bolus in the period of increased risk or during clinical Acidosis


  • Obiflore stimulates rumen function

  • Recommended after ruminal acidosis, regulates ruminal flora and function

  • Prevents ruminal acidosis and digestion problems

  • Released over 15 days