Dominate Liquid


Dominate Liquid spray is an environment which is composed of a selection of probiotic bacteria. Naturally these good bacteria go into battle with pathogenic bacteria. The pathogens are less likely to multiply so the risk is reduced digestive problems and skin disorders.



  • Dryer bedding
  • Less chest blisters and leg problems
  • Reduction of antibiotics at start-up


  • Very low risk of diarrhoea in piglets
  • Higher weaning weight
  • Strong reduction in antibiotic use in farrowing rooms


  • Drop in environmental mastitis
  • Lower cell count
  • Less calf diarrhoea caused by bacteria


  • Reduction in mastitis
  • Used as a prevention against E.coli (watery mouth)
  • Reduction in scours

Is often used in lambing/calving pens between lambing/calving to reduce the infection pressure and build up of disease.


Spray Dominate Liquid on the floor, walls, fixtures and around the animals.

  • Dosage: 500ml-1l per 1000m2 per treatment

Dominate liquid is mixed with water and sprayed in a mist in the shed, pens etc. A protocol can be devised to suit each individual farm for different issues.

* Number of treatments depends on situation.

  • Available in 1L & 5L cans.

    Hygiene Concept

    This concept has been specially developed to reduce the risk of infection and prevention of resistant bacteria in intensive farming.

    A 3 step process.

    1. Cleaning with enzymes ensures that the biofilm, the protective coating of bacteria, is broken down. (Use Glanzym)

    2. By oxidative disinfection, bacteria, viruses and fungi are killed quickly and effectively. 

    3.The use of probiotics leads to an environment in which pathogenic bacteria are less likely to multiply. (Use Dominate Liquid)