Colostrobione is a sachet of colostrum, probiotics, trace elements and vitamins designed for newborn calves. A newborn calf is born without immunity. It is essential that calves receive adequate Immunoglobulins/antibodies to help build the immune system to prevent disease.

From the 6th day after birth, the calf starts to make antibodies itself. The acquired immunity is developed after 3 to 5 weeks. It is  critical that the calf gets immunity from the cow via the colostrum to provides extra defence to the calf during the first days of life. The colostrum is naturally rich in antibodies and antibacterial proteins that are part of the digestive system of the newborn calf.

Colostrobione contains probiotics that colonize the digestive system and thus provide an increased local defense. Colostrobione also contains trace elements and vitamins (iodine, Vit A and E). These are indispensable for the general metabolism but also for the immune system of the calf. Finally, the clay ensures an increased uptake of the antibodies that are present in the colostrum. 

Enriching Colostrum with Colostrobione ensures that the IgG transfer is optimized. Used injunction with Colostroballs to determine the quality of the quality of the cows colostrum.

  • 1 sachet per calf in 0.5l of warm water or mix with the cows colostrum (2L) just after birth.
  • Available in a box of 10 x 100g sachets 
  • Available through your local Vet/store.
  • Contact Iomlán Animal Science for more info, 094 95 44708


Test results:

In comparative tests, a first group of newborn calves was given 2.5 l colostrum milk with 85 g / l IgGs. A second group received 2 l of the same colostrum milk in which 100 g of Colostrobione was dissolved. After 48 hours the IgG level was determined in the blood of these calves: the 2.5 l group had values ​​of 11.15 g / l serum, the 2 l group with Colostrobione 19.98 g / l. The mineral Clinoptilolite in Colostrobione provides this significantly better absorption of the antibodies from colostrum milk.

Clinoptilolite clay


By adding probiotics, we ensure rapid colonization of the intestinal flora. The added MOS prevent pathogens from attaching to the intestinal wall. Both offer additional protection for the digestive system

Colostrum, Enterococcus Faecium, Macleaya Cordata, Manna Oligo Saccharides, Dextrose, Vit A, Vit E, Clinoptilolite clay