Calvinizor contains high absorbable calcium and is specially designed to boost calcium blood levels within 15 minutes. When administered using the Calvinizor drenching gun the oesophageal groove is closed, allowing the product to pass directly to the abomasums and speeding up absorption.


  • Increases blood calcium levels
  • Lowers blood pH, which is beneficial after calving

Propylene glycol 

  • Delivers fast available energy
  • Prevents irritation by calcium chloride in upper gastrointestinal tract


  • Stimulate cow’s appetite
  • Improves absorption of ionized calcium in blood

Vitamin B complex 

  • Stimulate cow’s appetite
  • Improves metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrate



  • Prevents calcium deficiencies around calving
  • Enables an enormous calcium blood level rise
  • Increase of calcium blood level within 15 minutes after administration
  • Contains Propylene glycol for fast energy
  • Supports to prevent ketosis 


Calvinizor should be used around calving, ideally 200ml before calving and 200ml afterwards. Additional doses may be given if needed. Calvinizor should be administered using the Calvinizor applicator. Only administer to animals with a swallowing reflex.