Feeding cows to maintain a healthy rumen and enhance the activity of rumen microbes will result in increased feed intake and improved feed efficiency. The result is more milk produced at lower cost. Rumen pH is a critical factor for good rumen health. If the pH drops below a threshold then Sub-acute-ruminal-acidosis (SARA) can occur. The rumen and the cow becomes less efficient and cows become more vulnerable to other health issues due to reduced disease resistance, such as laminitis, mycotoxicosis and endotoxicosis.

 A good balance of energy sources and effective fibre are important and feeding Brabús can help to maintain a stable rumen pH.

Brabús is a complex product specially formulated to suit modern day dairy cows and beef finishing and growing cattle who are vulnerable to ruminal problems.

Many of these problems are difficult to detect by the untrained eye and it is often too late when clinical symptoms are clear. Many of the sub-clinical conditions can cause major health damage to the animal which of course leads to financial damage to the farmer's pocket.

Prevention is always better than a cure.


  • Promotes a healthy rumen.
  • Enhances rumen microbe populations.
  • Reduces rumen ammonia concentrations.
  • Helps increase production.
  • Helps protect against harmful mycotoxins and endotoxins.
  • Increased weight gain.
  • Increased fibre digestion.
  • Reduced acidosis related laminitis.
  • Reduced SCC.
  • Chelated trace elements.
  • Added Vitamins.
  • Major minerals.