Blasta Flushing buckets


Formulated using state of the art mineral & vitamin technology

Blasta flushing buckets are formulated for ewes for flushing before, during and after. Providing them with essential trace elements which help to enhance the fertility of ewes. They also provide ewes with essential trace elements & vitamins to help thrive through correction of deficiencies. Blasta flushing buckets are very effective in both hill and lowland flocks. Contains specific proteins and Omega 3 oils to also boost fertility.

  • Improved immunity.
  • Greater resistance to parasite infection.
  • Increased feed conversion efficiency and daily live weight gain.
  • Reduced incidence of digestive upsets or scours.
  • Improved thrift.
  • Helps boost fertility.


  • Enhances levels of Zinc and Biotin. (Improves hoof structure and strength)
  • Contains Omega 3 oils.
  • Contains specific proteins to boost fertility.
  • High Selenium and vitamin E. 
  • High levels of Cobalt and Vitamin B1.
  • Chelated trace elements & vitamins.
  • Contains Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus etc.
  • The lick has been formulated to meet the mineral requirements of ewes before, during and after the mating period.
  • Note: Low molasses content bucket.

  • Feeding rate- Typically 30-50g/head/day.
  • Ideal for ewes before, during and after mating.
  • Feed 4 weeks before breeding and for a further 4 weeks to reduce foetal re-absorption
  • Available in 25kg tubs.